“Sponsoring Chamber Events has several benefits, including name recognition and credibility, providing a means for the Chamber to put on great events for members, and for an opportunity to interact with those members on a deeper level. It can sometimes be difficult to talk with every person in a room at an event, but the opportunity to say a few words about who you are and what you do gives you that chance to speak to everyone at once, and opens the doors to conversations with those in the room who may be interested in what you had to say. It’s a great way to get involved, give back to the business community, and generate awareness all at once.” – Shane Purvis, Fidelity Bank

“We have been actively involved in the Chamber for nearly a decade. We know that being aligned with this credible business organization has increased our visibility. Many business decisions are relationship-based, and the business contacts we’ve made through the Chamber have been extremely valuable.” – Rhonda Bagby, Humana Health Benefit Plan

“Five years ago, I don’t think many people knew who I was or that Metairie Bank even had a location in Mandeville. Through my work with the Chamber’s Small Business Advisory Council and the different programs and events offered, I began to make connections and develop new business.” –  Paul Myers, Metairie Bank

“Chamber membership has been a key factor in growing our business. I joined the Chamber on the spot at my first EXPO in 2010. From there, by becoming involved in the Chamber, I built a network of business connections that helped me grow my hospital concierge company from one to 20 employees in just four years.” – Ben Zapata Omega, Concierge Services LLC