May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a good time to take care of our own mental health and to raise awareness among our employees. Following are several activities to consider doing this month.

  1. Create a Mental Health Bulletin Board: Print out resources, fact sheets, inspirational quotes and more. You could also make it interactive by asking questions such as “What’s your favorite activity to blow off steam?” 
  2. Get Physical! Conduct a morning huddle while walking outside or bring in a yoga instructor to teach “desk yoga” moves.
  3. Have a Well-Being Day: Have a variety of wellness stations: such as a hydration zone (provide fruit infused water), coloring corner, mediation area, stretching station, chair massage, etc. 
  4. Convert Break Room to ESCAPE Room! Add a couple floor pillows, comfortable chairs, soothing spa music, soft lights, diffuser, etc. 
  5. Wellness Gift Exchange: All gift items would be something that could promote mental health such as stress balls, fidget toys, candles, coloring books, etc. 
  6. Share Screening Tools: Employees can’t get the appropriate professional help if they don’t realize they have a problem. Consider sharing mental health screening tools via email, etc.
  7. Resource Toolbox: Our area is fortunate to have a wide range of mental health resources. A good place to start is searching the Chamber’s membership directory, you will find everything from community health centers to inpatient mental health facilities. 

(An informative health and wellness article from the Chamber’s Live Better St. Tammany Committee.)