Tulane National Primate Research Center is the Chamber’s 2021 Tammany Award recipient in recognition of the work done outside of the southeast Louisiana area that fosters a positive image of St. Tammany Parish.

In late February of 2020, the Center was among the first institutions to receive approval from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study SARS-CoV-2 and used that opportunity to help develop a nonhuman primate model of COVID-19, which closely approximates how humans experience the disease. This model has served as the foundation for studies that have helped better understand the progression of COVID-19 and the development of vaccines and treatments.

Prior to COVID-19, most of the research conducted focused on HIV/AIDS and the Center has served as the lead site for evaluating potential AIDS vaccines in nonhuman primates for many years. It is also leading the development of improved diagnostics and treatments for Lyme disease.

The award was presented at the Chamber’s annual Business Appreciation Luncheon in November 2021. Accepting the award was Jay Rappaport, PhD, director and chief academic officer